The film they tried to make go away!: Jeremy Bernard Corbyn ‘What Was Done’ – “Someone … I would imagine [is] pissed off at some Scottish oik”

Today we’re getting another glimpse of the terrifying and precarious position we’ve allowed our selves to get into by throwing all of our freedom loving eggs in corporate controlled baskets.

BELLA CALEDONIA report on the ‘disabling’ of new satirical video,  Jeremy Bernard Corbyn ‘What Was Done’, which is highly critical of the British establishment.

Jeremy Bernard Corby: What Was Done
Jeremy Bernard Corby: What Was Done

‘How odd that a truly gigantic corporation, who have recently received justifiable flack for leaving online, a spree of vile videos of human beings doing unspeakably bad shit to their fallow sapiens, should act so hastily in disabling a video that pokes fun at the establishment, the monarchy and of course big business.’

Read the full report here:

See the full film in question below.

Jeremy Bernard Corbyn ‘What Was Done’:

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